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Will my dog need to have a trial or pass an interview to be accepted?

We require you to complete a detailed Assessment Form which provides staff with basic background information regarding your dog, their health, history, traits and their likes and dislikes.  All new dogs go through a 7 session trial period. This gives your dog a real chance to settle with us and get to know us and the other dogs. On their first day, we assess their behaviour in the group environment by gradually introducing them to other like-minded dogs.  Through this process we can establish the most appropriate play group to ensure they have a fun and happy time. Through experience, we find that the dogs settle best when Mum and Dad have left which is when we will start the integration. Through the trial period we will keep you up to date on how it's going and after your dogs 7th session we will let you know whether your dog has integrated well into the Barkleys Pack.

What are your vaccination requirements?

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations. The vaccinations we require are; DHPPI (Distemper/Hetpatitis/Parainfluenza and Parovirus) and Kennel Cough. No vaccinations, no play as we need to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Are the dogs supervised?

Yes! We have multiple staff members who are with the dogs all day from 6am to 6pm.

Can I see the facility before I bring my dog to you?

Absolutely. We can tour you through on weekends, Saturday 9am - 3pm.

My dog is entire, can he still come to daycare?

Unfortunately we cannot accept entire males in the Bark Park. Males must be neutered by 6 months old to continue to play in the Bark Park.


Do I need to book?

We are fortunate to be very busy so booking is essential to avoid disappointment. You can do this either online, by phone or in store. 


Will my dog be disciplined and if so how?

While we understand dogs get overwhelmed with excitement and overstimulation, we also expect our dogs to keep their ears on, listen to staff and use their manners which they would also use at home. In order to maintain a safe environment they also need to play by the rules that are set for them, we believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their play time. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behaviour brings rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). While appropriate behaviours are reinforced, inappropriate behaviours are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play. By consistently applying these techniques, we can help ensure that every dog has a fun and safe experience while at day care. Under no circumstances is force used to discipline ANY animal in our care.

Will my dog get lots of exercise?

What we find is that because the dogs are actively playing with their friends almost all day they get plenty of exercise – many get more than they do at home!  

Can I bring my dog his/her own food?

Absolutely! Please be sure to label your food and we can add it to our "lunch bar" and make sure they are fed at your requested time/s! 


What happens if a dog becomes aggressive?

At Barkleys On The River our first priority is the safety of all our dogs, so we have designated ‘time-out’ areas so dogs can be removed from the play group instantly. Dogs can become nervous or aggressive for different reasons, and our staff attempt to address these issues and resolve problems as best we can. If any problems arise, we will openly discuss these with you and possibly suggest some additional training to help alleviate the problem.  If we feel that the dog is a threat to the safety of other guests or our staff, then it may be that the dog is not suitable for our social day care environment.

What happens if my dog becomes sick or injured?

While all care is taken to ensure dogs are safe and healthy during their stay with us, we are also well-prepared for unexpected accidents or illness.  We are close to multiple Vet clinics and our staff are trained to administer pet first aid when required. If an incident occurs, we will contact you (or your contact person) and if necessary will take your dog immediately to either our local (or your) veterinary practice.  


Can my puppy come to daycare?

Absolutely, provided they have completed the full course of vaccinations and have also completed the 2 week stand down period.