End of Life Services

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” 

At Barkleys we have the wish that you feel in charge of the whole process of your pets passing, this includes how your pet is cremated and how the Cremains (Ashes) are preserved. There are several choices you can make:

Individual Cremation

Also called a Private Cremation. The use of the term “Cremation” generally invokes the image of the individual service – the equivalent of the human crematorium. Clients are entitled to expect their pets be handled with dignity on their own and cremated one at a time within the cremation unit. The ashes will all be recovered and identified for return, scattering or burial and there should be no danger of any mixing of ashes. People may request this type of cremation even though they do not want the ashes returned simply for the individual handling and peace of mind.

Communal Cremation 

Also called Memorial or Group Cremation. For the true communal cremation service, pets are handled within the limits of practicality as to pick up (weekly) and cremation. The Cremains are collected and then scattered or buried. Cremains from communal cremations cannot be returned to pet owners since there are no means of separation​

Return of the Ashes

There are several options for you when deciding what to do with your Pets Cremains. There are also a number of options we have not been able to list. Please ask for more information.

  • The Cremains returned in a Cardboard Casket with certificate of cremation.

  • The Cremains returned in an Eco Flax (Harakeke) Cocoon with certificate of cremation.

  • The Cremains returned in a Wooden Casket with an engraved plate and a certificate of cremation.

  • The Cremains may be returned in a Cardboard Cylinder with certificate of cremation.

  • The Cremains may be returned in a Hand Crafted Urn with certificate of cremation.

  • The Cremains may be returned in an Urn suitable for water burial with a certificate of cremation.

Arrival & Taking Your Pet Home

There are a different options available to you: We can come and pick your pet up for you or collect your pet from your vet or you can bring your pet to us at Barkleys. Upon arrival we will need to complete routine administrative tasks. This includes a form recording your details and your pet’s details, completing a checklist outlining your wishes for your pet and confirming what receptacle you want for your pet’s ashes.


You will be notified when your pet is ready to go home. When you are ready to collect you can either collect your pet from Barkleys or your pet will be returned to your vet for collection if outside of the Whangarei region or your pet can be returned to your home.

Please note: payment is required upon collection or transfer to the nominated vet








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