Grooming FAQs

Is your Groomer qualified?

Yes! And also registered with The New Zealand National Dog Groomers Association

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Please allow 2 hours for a full groom however our Groomer will advise a more accurate time during the consultation. 

What if my dog has a tendency to bite?

Be sure to let us know and we can take the steps needed to ensure your dog and our staff are safe.

Do you groom puppies?

Yes we do! We take extra care with the young ones so they have a positive and enjoyable experience. 

Where will my dog be kept afterwards?

We have comfortable beds as well as toys located alongside our Groomer for the dogs to relax in and an area to socialise and play. We do not cage our dogs.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated to be groomed?

Yes, all dogs need to be up to date with their vaccinations as our area is a social one. This reduces risk for your dog and also for others.

My dog is entire, will you still groom him?

Absolutely! Entire dogs and bitches are welcome. We have the ability to seperate our play area into two so no accidents can happen!

What happens if you find fleas on my dog?

If fleas are found, they are treated with a natural product called Washbar. This wash kills all the fleas immediately but does not act as a continuing treatment. The flea wash is at no extra charge and our Groomer will notify you if fleas are found. 

Can I stay and watch my dog be groomed?

For the safety of the dog and Groomer we do not recommend that owners stay to watch. Our Grooming Room is very open with lots of windows thus dogs are easily distracted when they can see Mum or Dad and try to pull toward them. Rest assured 99.9% of dogs settle well and quickly once Mum and Dad are gone which makes for a stressless and easy groom!

Do you shave double coats?

Always an interesting question! Short answer: Yes and No.

Our Groomer will complete a clip off if:

1) The dog has been shaved in the past

2) The dog is extremely matted

3) The dog needs to be shaved for medical reasons

If your double coated breed does not meet the above requirements, don't fret! We can still complete a fabulous groom!

Our Full Grooms include a tidy up trim and a "de-shed" using de-shedding bathing systems and tools. This removes all of that pesky dead hair and undercoat through the change of seasons.

For more information on Double Coats, don't hesitate to ring and chat to our Groomer who is happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

My dog is very matted, can you still groom him?

Yes we can, however "how" will depend on the condition of the dog. At Barkleys On The River we work on a "Humanity over Vanity Rule". This means, if the de-matting will cause unnecessary pain and discomfort to your dog, we will clip the to a length which is pain free for your dog. Our Groomer will advise upon consultation.